Sunday, June 19, 2016

Free RPG Day Now & Forever!

Free RPG Day is over BUT why should it be over?!?

Make your own Role-Playing Game and release it to the Whole Wide World!

Yep, designing an RPG is going to be difficult, frustrating, and readers might think it really stinks.

YET it will also be challenging, exhilarating, and your Mom is _guaranteed_ to love it!

Here's *one* way to do it:

1. Design a Fudge RPG game.

Here are some useful links:

* The Fudge SRD itself!

* Use Rob Lang's "How to write a free RPG" as your guide

* Ask questions here or at the Fudge Community website or at Google+

2. Submit it for the Compendium E-book.

* Check it out here:

3. Once accepted, your dream game can be available in most formats, nearly anywhere, and all year round! 

So, why not, coconut? :-D

P.S. BTW, Father's Day and Free RPG Day do mix well together... just another obscure reason to get your RPG out there. ;-)


Grandpa Chet said...

I must have once seen this blog, then forgotten it in my adventurous travels. Not seeing a subscribe button, and being too ignorant to understand RSStuff, how might an ignorant old man subscribe?

Jonas Susara said...

Hello, Grandpa Chet! You can subscribe to this blog by clicking on Posts via the "Subscribe To" box on the right sidebar.

Sorry for the late reply... It took me a while to find it too.

Hope you can join the Compendium! :D