Monday, June 27, 2016

The Compendium Time-Shifts!?!

... Or Shifts-Time?!?

Hello, Fudge-folks!

We've extended the deadline for the Fudge Compendium 2016 e-book project. Send your submissions on or before July 31, 2016, please.

This is to allow our contributors more time to finish up their work/requirements and to accomodate those who heard about it late.

After that, we will have Two Whole Months to make this book go Superbly-Terrible or Terribly-Superb!

Keep spreading the word and join the ruckus! Share, share, share everywhere, please. This will make or break the Known Universes, so.. Let's Roll!

P.S. What I'd really like is a campaign setting, genre spawning. A full adventure module too. But, must of all... Fiction! Content! Story! All in Fudge Terms!!!  :-D

(All of the above will draw readers in, thinking they have a weird rural conspiracy bake-off novel in hand. Then, BOOM, they hafta play this darn Fudgey thing too! Sneaky, right?)

Is that an Ent-Mimic? Yikes!

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