Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome to the Compendium...

The Fudge RPG Compendium 2016 (frc2016) BEGINS!

Welcome, Fellow Fudge RPG Fans!

You're all invited in contributing your games, articles, stories, artwork, and other Fudge RPG goodies into one published volume, a free e-book!

This is where old and new fans can enjoy good Fudge RPG stuff (from past & present) in online and in printable form.

Submissions will be accepted starting June 1st until June 30th of 2016. The e-book itself will be published by October 1, 2016.

Share the #fudgerpg love, baby! ^_^

Submission Guidelines:

By submitting your work, you're giving me, Jonathan Susara a.k.a. Fudgebob Dicepants,  permission to edit print, and publish your submission in a free e-book called "The Fudge RPG Compendium, 2016 Edition" AND to host them here at, for easy online viewing and/or download.

Each submission must be unpublished and an original work. Everything that gets published will always belong to the author, artist, or designer.

Submit your work to fudgebobdicepants<at>gmail<dot>com

If you're submitting a Fudge RPG based game (or parts of it, like Setting, Character Generation, etc), it has to have the Open Gaming Licence (OGL) included and Section 15  properly filled out. Check out Fudge and the Open Game License Fudge and the Open Game License

If it's an Fudge RPG inspired artwork or story, it must have a valid free and open licence - like Creative Commons, BSD License, the GNULGPL, or the GNU GPL.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions to the email address above.

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