Thursday, September 22, 2016


Greetings, Friends of Fudge! Here is the much anticipated, and much delayed, update of our Fudge RPG Compendium 2016 (FRC2016) e-book project.


The drive for submissions was a critical Success! We have a solid setting, monsters to populate it, adventure ideas to run, builds/rules to play all it by, and lots of cool articles useful for the curious non-gamer, newbie & veteran players, and gamemasters alike. Whew!

Much thanks to those who took the time to contribute and participate. Your work will highlight... 1) Fudge's power and flexibility in creating role playing games, 2) provide a complete starting point for new gamers in learning and playing RPGs, and 3) encourage & inspire other Fellow Fudge Fans to write & design their own game!


1. Alas, the editing is slow going, due to Real Life Demands and limited number of editors (Mike, Ann, and Terrible me). We are calling for volunteers for more editing and layouting help. Artists and art work are still needed.
***Thusly, we will need to move the publication to November or December this year.***

2. The FRC2016 will be in PDF form and distributed via normal channels, Drivethru, RPGnow, etc. So... my plans for e-book domination (to make it available to the mainstream of society and available in different formats) must be pushed back to next year. Ugh!


i.e. The Details!

Contributors will be receiving the "paperwork" in a few days, that will allow his/her submission to be published in the FRC2016 e-book. This project is for the fans and made by the fans of Fudge RPG and we want to get it right. We will be adopting Grey Ghosts' "Publishing Contract Contribution to a Larger Work" that made Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition possible.

What else? Hmm. Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome, either thru the Fudge Facebook page or thru email - fudgebobdicepants <at> gmail <dot> com. :-)

P.S. Please share this update. Thanks! :)

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