Thursday, September 22, 2016


Greetings, Friends of Fudge! Here is the much anticipated, and much delayed, update of our Fudge RPG Compendium 2016 (FRC2016) e-book project.


The drive for submissions was a critical Success! We have a solid setting, monsters to populate it, adventure ideas to run, builds/rules to play all it by, and lots of cool articles useful for the curious non-gamer, newbie & veteran players, and gamemasters alike. Whew!

Much thanks to those who took the time to contribute and participate. Your work will highlight... 1) Fudge's power and flexibility in creating role playing games, 2) provide a complete starting point for new gamers in learning and playing RPGs, and 3) encourage & inspire other Fellow Fudge Fans to write & design their own game!


1. Alas, the editing is slow going, due to Real Life Demands and limited number of editors (Mike, Ann, and Terrible me). We are calling for volunteers for more editing and layouting help. Artists and art work are still needed.
***Thusly, we will need to move the publication to November or December this year.***

2. The FRC2016 will be in PDF form and distributed via normal channels, Drivethru, RPGnow, etc. So... my plans for e-book domination (to make it available to the mainstream of society and available in different formats) must be pushed back to next year. Ugh!


i.e. The Details!

Contributors will be receiving the "paperwork" in a few days, that will allow his/her submission to be published in the FRC2016 e-book. This project is for the fans and made by the fans of Fudge RPG and we want to get it right. We will be adopting Grey Ghosts' "Publishing Contract Contribution to a Larger Work" that made Fudge 10th Anniversary Edition possible.

What else? Hmm. Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome, either thru the Fudge Facebook page or thru email - fudgebobdicepants <at> gmail <dot> com. :-)

P.S. Please share this update. Thanks! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The State of the Compendium

Alas! Only 7 days left until the submission deadline!

As of now, we have some games (about pirates, robots, the fall-out. etc...) - but we want more!

Lots of articles, from how to run Fudge to new things you could add to your game.

Zero/ziltch/no artwork or fiction submissions at all. That means I'll either draw or make stuff up *yikes* or get stock images *sigh*. Please don't let the reading/gaming public suffer through this - send me some creative help please.

And... we have tons of Appedices!?! Everything and anything that could be put there, will be there - for easy reference. SRD. OGL, conversions, links, Traits, Weapons, Armor, Spells, Goods, etc...

With all that, I am happy with the progress and development of the Fudge Compendium. Next up will be the real work... getting this idea published! :D

So, if you have a contribution to this project, send them in at fudgebobdicepants (at) gmail (dot) com on or before July 31, 2016. More details here...

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Compendium Time-Shifts!?!

... Or Shifts-Time?!?

Hello, Fudge-folks!

We've extended the deadline for the Fudge Compendium 2016 e-book project. Send your submissions on or before July 31, 2016, please.

This is to allow our contributors more time to finish up their work/requirements and to accomodate those who heard about it late.

After that, we will have Two Whole Months to make this book go Superbly-Terrible or Terribly-Superb!

Keep spreading the word and join the ruckus! Share, share, share everywhere, please. This will make or break the Known Universes, so.. Let's Roll!

P.S. What I'd really like is a campaign setting, genre spawning. A full adventure module too. But, must of all... Fiction! Content! Story! All in Fudge Terms!!!  :-D

(All of the above will draw readers in, thinking they have a weird rural conspiracy bake-off novel in hand. Then, BOOM, they hafta play this darn Fudgey thing too! Sneaky, right?)

Is that an Ent-Mimic? Yikes!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Free RPG Day Now & Forever!

Free RPG Day is over BUT why should it be over?!?

Make your own Role-Playing Game and release it to the Whole Wide World!

Yep, designing an RPG is going to be difficult, frustrating, and readers might think it really stinks.

YET it will also be challenging, exhilarating, and your Mom is _guaranteed_ to love it!

Here's *one* way to do it:

1. Design a Fudge RPG game.

Here are some useful links:

* The Fudge SRD itself!

* Use Rob Lang's "How to write a free RPG" as your guide

* Ask questions here or at the Fudge Community website or at Google+

2. Submit it for the Compendium E-book.

* Check it out here:

3. Once accepted, your dream game can be available in most formats, nearly anywhere, and all year round! 

So, why not, coconut? :-D

P.S. BTW, Father's Day and Free RPG Day do mix well together... just another obscure reason to get your RPG out there. ;-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Good and Free RPG Design Guide

Hello, Friends of Free and Open RPGs!

One of the best guides in designing a role-playing game is Rob Lang's How to Write a Free RPG. I especially like Chapter 6 Organization where it outlines a useful structure of everything you'll need to produced a finished game.

Sections include:

Front CoverContents PageThank you / Version / DedicationIntroductionCharacter CreationMechanicsSettingGamemaster SectionAppendixBack Cover
It also has a short section on Layout.

If you're just starting in designing RPGs (free or otherwise) or want to include your game in the The Fudge RPG Compendium 2016, check out Rob's guide here. :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome to the Compendium...

The Fudge RPG Compendium 2016 (frc2016) BEGINS!

Welcome, Fellow Fudge RPG Fans!

You're all invited in contributing your games, articles, stories, artwork, and other Fudge RPG goodies into one published volume, a free e-book!

This is where old and new fans can enjoy good Fudge RPG stuff (from past & present) in online and in printable form.

Submissions will be accepted starting June 1st until June 30th of 2016. The e-book itself will be published by October 1, 2016.

Share the #fudgerpg love, baby! ^_^

Submission Guidelines:

By submitting your work, you're giving me, Jonathan Susara a.k.a. Fudgebob Dicepants,  permission to edit print, and publish your submission in a free e-book called "The Fudge RPG Compendium, 2016 Edition" AND to host them here at, for easy online viewing and/or download.

Each submission must be unpublished and an original work. Everything that gets published will always belong to the author, artist, or designer.

Submit your work to fudgebobdicepants<at>gmail<dot>com

If you're submitting a Fudge RPG based game (or parts of it, like Setting, Character Generation, etc), it has to have the Open Gaming Licence (OGL) included and Section 15  properly filled out. Check out Fudge and the Open Game License Fudge and the Open Game License

If it's an Fudge RPG inspired artwork or story, it must have a valid free and open licence - like Creative Commons, BSD License, the GNULGPL, or the GNU GPL.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions to the email address above.